VIOLINO 1961 " ex Menuhin"

Very beautyfull violin Guarneri del Gesł model, made in Rimini 1961. This violin was propriety of Lord Yehudi Menuhin  recently dead, and it was sold in 16th november 1999 in Sotheby's London. Sold with a letter from Lord Yehudi Menuhin  to Capicchioni, dated 21st May 1961, stating: "I was very impressed with the violin.......Helmut using, and would like very much to order a violin from you." Also sold with the corrispondence between Lord Yehudi Menuhin and Capicchioni. dated between May 1961 and February 1966.





The Centro Studi Capicchioni is making a list of LP or CD with music played by musicians using instruments made by Marino Capicchioni.

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